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If you are looking for a privacy-friendly alternative to Facebook Events, you might want to check out Mobilizon:

It's a free open source federated events platform, and is part of the Fediverse as it uses the ActivityPub protocol.

Because it's still new, it currently only federates between Mobilizon instances. You can't follow Mobilizon instances from Mastodon yet, however this is planned for the future.

#FediTips #Fediverse #Mobilizon #FacebookEvents #Alternatives

Coming soon!

Warmer in the Winter, a PbtA game of holiday romance.

@welshpixie Oh dang. That's me most nights these days.

Lol, should really stop doing that while I watch TV.

@256 Holy cow. I remember how wild that seemed at the time.

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Security theater is worse than nothing. Security theater gives people the false impression that their risks have been mitigated, when actually things are just as dangerous.

After al, if you know that danger exists, you can take some steps to mitigate or avoid it.

But if you have the false impression that you've been made safer, you might unwittingly engage in risky behavior.


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I do love the idea of Mastodon, but trying to get a reasonable amount of activity up and running in your feed as a small personal server is tough.

I know relays exist, but they don't seem super common on active instances and waiting to be approved seems to go nowhere.

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Republican members of Congress who voted against certifying Joe Biden’s presidential victory, even after a deadly riot at the Capitol, are getting denounced by critics in their home districts who demand that they resign or be ousted. #News #AP #Biden #Congress #Republican

Full-List of bots:

Wonder how much Mastodon is growing currently.

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For all my twitter friends & followers, I will say...
1. Its 2021, maybe time to switch to Mastodon?
2. I might now finally see your direct messages thanks to Cawbird 1.3 -

@DCLXVI oh, haven't checked that out. Usually use Mastodon from Tusky on my phone, so I hadn't noticed.

@DCLXVI for sure. It kills me that Microsoft didn't open source Edge when the dropped their own engine. Still, I've been very happy with Firefox since I switched back about a year ago.

So how's 2021 treating the Fediverse so far?

@dansup Federated forum? I didn't even realize there was Federated forum software. Off to investigate!

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